Feature Pack 7 or later

Merchandising Associations widget

Use this widget in a catalog entry page layout to display merchandising associations for a catalog entry. Merchandising associations are catalog entries that are defined as cross-sells, up-sells, replacements, or accessories for another catalog entry.

You must define the merchandising associations for each catalog entry in the Catalogs tool. When you set up merchandising associations in the Catalogs tool, you can specify the sequence in which to display the catalog entries in the widget. The Merchandising Associations widget automatically retrieves and displays all defined merchandising associations regardless of type (cross-sell, up-sell, replacement, or accessory). All four types are displayed the same way in the widget.

This widget displays the catalog entries in a single horizontal row in a tabbed frame labeled Coordinate. The thumbnail image and name are pulled from your catalog data. The widget includes a Buy Now! link that expands to allow customers to select the attributes and quantity for the catalog entry, and then click an Add to Cart button.

Page dependency

Use this widget only in layouts for catalog entry pages. For any other page type, this widget is not rendered on the page.

Example of widget content

Example of a Merchandising Associations widget

See an example layout for a product page that uses this widget.

Alternative widgets

Consider displaying merchandising associations by using the Catalog Entry Recommendation widget instead. In the widget, run a web activity that uses the Display Merchandising Associations action. Setting up the web activity requires extra work; however, there are several benefits:
  • You can specify the types of merchandising associations that you want to display in the widget (cross-sell, up-sell, replacement, or accessory).
  • You can show merchandising associations based on the customer's shopping cart contents or purchase history.
  • You can use the Catalog Entry Recommendation widget on any page, not just catalog entry pages.

Prerequisites for using this widget

Ensure that merchandising associations are set up for catalog entries in the Catalogs tool. For more information, see Creating merchandising associations.

Widget properties and content

This widget has no configurable properties other than the widget name. The merchandising associations are automatically retrieved from your catalog data.