Feature Pack 7 or later

Discounts widget

Use this widget in a catalog entry page layout to display the short descriptions of certain promotions that the catalog entry qualifies for. The promotion must be a catalog entry or category promotion that is not a site-wide promotion. Order and shipping promotions are not displayed in this widget. This widget informs customers of applicable store promotions to encourage them to purchase the catalog entry.

Customers can click the short description text in the widget to open the Discount Details page and view the long description of the promotion.

Page dependency

Use this widget only in layouts for catalog entry pages. For any other page type, this widget is not rendered on the page.

Example of widget content

Example of a Discounts widget

See an example layout for a product page that uses this widget.

Prerequisites for using this widget

In the Promotions tool, you must create and activate the promotions that you want to display in the widget. In the promotion properties, you must provide text for the Customer viewable short description field on the Descriptions tab. This text is displayed in the widget. For more information, see Creating promotions.

Widget properties and content

This widget has no configurable properties other than the widget name. The widget automatically retrieves and displays the Customer viewable short description text for the promotion if the catalog entry that the customer is viewing qualifies for the promotion.