Feature Pack 7 or later

Associated Assets widget

Use this widget in a catalog entry page layout to display links to associated assets for a catalog entry, such as videos, user manuals, and warranty documents. Each link is displayed with a corresponding icon and a display name.

Page dependency

Use this widget only in layouts for catalog entry pages. For any other page type, this widget is not rendered on the page.

Example of widget content

Example of an Associated Assets widget

See an example layout for a product page that uses this widget.

Prerequisites for using this widget

Ensure that you define associated assets for your catalog entries so that the assets can be displayed in the widget:
  1. In the Catalogs tool, on the Associated Assets tab for each catalog entry, add the associated assets (files, attachments, or URLs) to the Associated Assets table.
  2. In the Usage column, select one of the following usage types:
    • Images
    • Media
    • Documents
    • User manual
    • Warranty
    • Other
  3. In the Display Name column, type a name to identify the asset in the widget, for example, Garment Care Guide.

For more information, see Finding and associating catalog assets.

Widget properties and content

This widget has no configurable properties other than the widget name. This widget automatically retrieves and displays any associated assets that are defined in your catalog data.