Finding and associating objects

While working on your current object, you might want to associate it with another object. For example, you can associate a product with a merchandising association or a web activity with a customer segment. Many properties views in Management Center contain tables for finding and associating objects.

The following screen capture shows the Catalog entries table, which is a typical example of a table that you use to find and associate objects. In this case, the table associates catalog entries to a promotion. The right pane shows the Find and Browse tabs in the utilities view. You can use the utilities view to search or browse for objects, and the drag the objects into the table
Find and add functions in Management Center


  1. Open a Management Center tool.
  2. Open the object that you want to associate another object to.
  3. Find the table in which you want to associate objects, and then choose one of these options:
    • If you know the name of the object to associate, type the name in the search field above the table. To search for part of a name, use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard. Then click Find and Add. The system performs a search based on your search criteria.
      • If there is an exact match, the object is automatically added to the table.
      • If there are multiple matching objects, the utilities view opens and displays the matches. Drag the object from the utilities view into the table.
      Tip: Some Find and Add buttons have a small black arrow on the right side, as shown in this example:
      Find and add functions in Management Center

      If so, click the arrow and select the type of object to find before you click Find and Add.

    • If you want to search or browse for the object, click Show utilities view to open the utilities view. Use the Find and Browse tabs to locate the object, and then drag the object from the utilities view into the table.

    For details about the Management Center search functionality, see Finding objects in Management Center.