Changing your password

You can change your Management Center password to meet security requirements, or if your password expired.

Before you begin

To change a password, you must know the Management Center user name that is associated with that password. If you forgot your password, an Administrator can reset the password.
Note: The Management Center user name and password are used for all WebSphere Commerce tools.


  1. Open the Management Center: https://host_name:8000/lobtools.
  2. Type your user name and password.
  3. Select the Change password check box.
  4. Click Log On. The Change Password dialog opens.
  5. In the Old password field, type your current password.
  6. In the New password field, type a new password. In the Confirm new password field, reenter the new password.
    A logon password must follow these guidelines:
    • Contain a minimum of eight characters.
    • Contain a maximum of three consecutive characters.
    • Contain a maximum of four occurrences of the same character.
    • Contain a minimum of one alphabetic character.
    • Contain a minimum of one numeric character.
  7. Click Change to save your new password and log on to the Management Center.