Getting help

You can access various types of help resources for the Management Center, including getting started information, the information center, and keyboard shortcuts.


  1. Open the Management Center.
  2. From the Management Center menu bar, select Help.
  3. Select the level of help information:
    Getting StartedSelect this option to access getting started information for the Management Center, in the WebSphere Commerce information center. The getting started information offers visual demonstrations of the Management Center in action, and links to additional resources.
    Help TopicsSelect this option to open the WebSphere Commerce information center, in a separate browser window. The information center provides help for the entire product, including the Management Center.
    Context HelpSelect this option to access help specific to the task you are working on within the Management Center. For example, if you are creating a promotion, and are unfamiliar with the fields on the page for creating promotions, select this option. Ensure that your mouse remains on the promotions properties view before you select this option.

    Alternatively, while on a page or area within the Management Center, press F2 on your keyboard to display context help.

    Keyboard ShortcutsSelect this option to view a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Management Center. There are several tasks that you can perform using keyboard shortcuts, instead of menu options or toolbar icons. Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick way to complete common tasks.