Feature Pack 5

Troubleshooting: Workspace task group approval fails with tables not found error

When attempting to approve a workspace task group, it fails with a table not found error.

The following temporary tables are created during search index setup:

If no site master catalogs have search enabled, these tables do not get created in the database. Therefore, the workspace task group approval fails with the tables not found.

To resolve this issue:
  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce search resource-managers.xml file:
    • WC_eardir/xml/content-management/com.ibm.commerce.search.resource-managers-fep.xml
  2. Comment out the following snippet:
    		<wc:OperationalResource name="TI_DELTA_CATENTRY" resource="TI_DELTA_CATENTRY" resourceClassName="" managed="true" />
    		<wc:OperationalResource name="TI_DELTA_CATGROUP" resource="TI_DELTA_CATGROUP" resourceClassName="" managed="true" />
    		<wc:OperationalResource name="TI_CATENTRY_WS" resource="TI_CATENTRY_WS" resourceClassName="" managed="true" />
    		<wc:OperationalResource name="TI_CATGROUP_WS" resource="TI_CATGROUP_WS" resourceClassName="" managed="true" />
    This prevents the missing tables from being looked up.
  3. Save your changes and close the file.