IBM Support Assistant for WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Commerce Developer

The IBM Support Assistant helps you to investigate and resolve problems within your WebSphere Commerce environment.

The IBM Support Assistant (ISA) is a mechanism to help you investigate and resolve problems without having to contact IBM support. If you do need to contact IBM support for additional assistance, the Support Assistant helps you open PMRs (problem management record) electronically and initially collects all logging information to make the overall process run smoother. As the WebSphere Commerce product delivers more support content electronically, the need to locate and use this information in an efficient and effective manner becomes a necessity.

  • The Support Assistant is implemented as a Java EE Web application that runs within an Eclipse Rich client Platform software framework.
  • You can install and run the Support Assistant without any dependency to the WebSphere Commerce product.
  • The Support Assistant uses a component model in which the search, support links, education, and service feature functions are implemented as separate functional components supported by the core Support Assistant.
  • IBM software products can provide plug-ins to the Support Assistant's generic software base to achieve product-specific functionality. These plug-ins conform to the Eclipse plug-in architecture.

For more information about the IBM Support Assistant, see IBM Support Assistant.