Installing and starting the IBM Support Assistant

The IBM Support Assistant helps you to investigate and resolve problems without having to contact IBM support. The assistant can also open problem records with IBM.

For IBM i OS operating systemNote: The IBM Support Assistant (ISA) is not supported. You can install the ISA on a remote Windows workstation. This enables you to access the Search, Education, and Support Links functionality. However the Collector feature under Service will not work as ISA is not installed on the local system. You can use the Electronic Service Request (ESR) feature to open and manage Problem Management Records (PMRs). See IBM Software Support: WebSphere.


  1. Download and install the Support Assistant by following instructions provided at IBM Support Assistant.
  2. Open the Support Assistant.
  3. From top menu, click Update > Find New > Product Add-ons.
  4. Expand the Websphere folder and select Plugin for WebSphere Commerce 7.0 or Plugin for WebSphere Commerce Developer 7.0.
    To proceed with the installation, accept the license agreement.
  5. Click Install.
    Note: The ISA must be installed on the same system as WebSphere Commerce.
  6. Start the Support Assistant
    1. SolarisLinuxAIX
      1. Ensure that you have XWindows Graphical Environment setup.
      2. Navigate to your ISA install directory.
      3. Run the following command: ./
      4. A Web browser launches automatically.
      1. Click Start > Programs > IBM Support Assistant > IBM Support Assistant v4.
    2. Select the required functionality in the GUI.