Using the IBM Support Assistant to collect data

The assistant collects data that you can submit to IBM for problem resolution. Use IBM Support Assistant to collect WebSphere Commerce specific logs and configuration files.


  1. Install the IBM Support Assistant and the WebSphere Commerce plug-in for the ISA.
  2. Start the IBM Support Assistant.
  3. Click Service.
  4. On the Welcome page, click Collect and Send Data.
  5. Select WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Developer as required.
  6. Enter the required fields:
    Installation Directory WC_installdir
    WebSphere Application Server Installation Directory WAS_installdir
  7. Click Collect. The collector will run in the background. When the collector completes, the location of the generated collector jar file is displayed.
  8. Optional: Select Service Requests to send the collector archive to IBM as a Problem Management Record (PMR). The Manage Problem reports login page is displayed. Login and attach the log archive to a new or existing PMR.
  9. Creating and using a Portable Collector
    A Portable Collector allows you to collect files on systems that do not have ISA installed.
    1. Start the IBM Support Assistant.
    2. Click Service.
    3. Click Create Portable Collector.
    4. Select your product.
    5. In the Target Directory for Exported Collector field, specify where the jar file containing the Portable Collector will be output to.
    6. In the Collector File Name field, type your_file_name.jar.
    7. Click Export.
    8. Copy the exported jar file (your_file_name.jar) to the system where you want to run the collector.
    9. Extract the contents of the jar file to an empty directory.
    10. WindowsRun the startcollector.bat file to collect the WebSphere Commerce log and configuration files.
    11. SolarisLinuxAIX Set up the JAVA_HOME environment variable and run the command to collect the WebSphere Commerce log and configuration files.
    • Each node in the cluster needs to have either ISA installed or a Portable Collector. You will need to run the collector on each of the WebSphere Commerce nodes in order to gather all of the WebSphere Commerce specific data.
    • For IBM i OS operating system Since the ISA is not supported on iSeries, you have the option to install ISA on a remote Windows workstation. The search, product information, tools, and service feature will be available, but the collector utility will not work.