Using the IBM Support Assistant to manage problem records

The assistant is used to create Problem Management Records (PMRs) and conveniently attach files to the PMR for IBM support personnel analysis.

Before you begin

You must have an Electronic Service Request account setup. See IBM Software Support: WebSphere.


  1. Install the IBM Support Assistant and the WebSphere Commerce plug-in for the ISA.
  2. Start the IBM Support Assistant.
  3. On the Welcome page, click Collect and Send Data. Click the Service Requests tab, then click Open a New Service Request. The Service page displays.
  4. Click Log into ESR under Electronic Service Requests. The Logon page displays.
  5. Enter your IBM ID, password, IBM customer number, and country. Click Login.
  6. The Support Assistant attempts to log you in to the Electronic Service Request account. When you are authenticated, you see a Submit Problem Report panel.
  7. Enter all required fields for the PMR.
  8. Click Submit to create the PMR. A page that indicates whether the PMR was created successfully or not displays. If the PMR is successfully created, a PMR number is provided.