Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Troubleshooting: SQL errors during indexing

You might encounter SQL errors when you build the WebSphere Commerce search index.


When you build the WebSphere Commerce search index, you encounter SQL errors similar to the following snippet:

DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-955 
, SQLSTATE=57011, SQLERRMC=2, DRIVER=4.14.103


This issue occurs when the DB2 heap size is set too low.

To resolve this issue, increase the heap size for the WebSphere Commerce search server.

For example:

db2 update db cfg for mall using SHEAPTHRES_SHR 4096
Important: Using large heap sizes in WebSphere Commerce search, for example, more than 4 GB, require a 64-bit installation of Apache Solr. That is, for example, if you intend to increase the heap size to values greater than 1280.

For more information, see WebSphere Commerce search performance tuning.