Feature Pack 7 or laterTroubleshooting: Old index pages automatically removed after replication

Old index files are removed after replication. This behavior is enabled by interim fix JR55000, which is included in Feature Pack 7. The feature can be disabled by setting the keepIncompatibleIndex property to "true."


Following installation of Feature Pack 7 or interim fix JR55000, subordinate machines will delete their old index files after replication. If you want to suppress this behavior, set the keepIncompatibleIndex property to true in the solrconfig.xml for the subordinate machine's search cores. Add the property to the request handler section for the subordinates.
  <requestHandler name="/replication" class="com.ibm.commerce.foundation.internal.server.services.search.handler.solr.SolrSearchReplicationHandler"> 
    <lst name="slave"> 
      <str name="keepIncompatibleIndex">true</str> 
For more information about modifying the solrconfig.xml file, see Solr configuration files.