Feature Pack 6 or later

Troubleshooting: Using stop words in attribute values

Search filter attributes do not work as expected in the storefront if an attribute value is defined as a stop word.


Basic United States English stop words are contained in the stopwords.txt file. This stop word list contains words merged from the default Solr stop words and ODE stop words.

For example, the default stop words list contains the value S as a stop word. However, this is a common abbreviation for size small.

If a search tokenizer converts a word to contain the stop word S is identified in the search terms.


To resolve this issue, ensure that attribute values do not contain stop words. For example, use the SM abbreviation for size small.

You can manually maintain stop words in the stopwords.txt file. For more information, see Solr Wiki: Analyzers, Tokenizers, and Token Filters.