Feature Pack 7 or later

Troubleshooting: Improving the Solr replication transfer rate

You can improve the Solr replication transfer rate by applying an interim fix and updating the Solr replication packet size.


Solr replication transfer rates might not be ideal.


To improve the Solr replication transfer rate:
  1. Install the interim fix for JR53401.

    This feature enhancement allows you to specify a custom packet size to be used for Solr replication. The default value is 1K. Increasing the packet size per transfer can reduce the overall networking handshake overhead and therefore reduce the replication time.

  2. Open the solrconfig.xml file for editing.
  3. Specify the packetSizeMB parameter. For example:
    <requestHandler name="/replication" class="com.ibm.commerce.foundation.internal.server.services.search.handler.solr.SolrSearchReplicationHandler">
       <lst name="slave">
          <str name="masterUrl">http://searchServerName:searchServerPort/solr/MC_masterCatalogId_CatalogEntry_en_US/replication</str>
          <str name="packetSizeMB">8</str>
    Where packetSizeMB determines the size of each packet to be used for replication. The higher the value, the faster the overall byte transfer rate, taking into consideration the a higher heap memory utilization.
  4. Save your changes and close the file.
  5. Restart the search server.