Feature Pack 7 or later

Troubleshooting: Long delta indexing times due to growing CACHEIVL entries

Delta indexing takes longer than expected due to many entries in the CACHEIVL table.


Performing a delta index might result in long waiting times, as the CACHEIVL table continually grows larger with entries.


To resolve this issue,
  1. Open your custom wc-component.xml file for editing. For more information, see Changing properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml) (WC EAR).
  2. Locate the following snippet:
    <_config:property name="CacheInvalidationForCatalogEntry"
       value="ProductDisplay:productId:$catEntryId$,CategoryDisplay:storeId:categoryId:$storeId$:$catGroupId$" />
  3. Replace it with the following snippet:
    <_config:property name="CacheInvalidationForCatalogEntry"
       value="ProductDisplay:productId:$catEntryId$" />
  4. Save your changes and close the file.
  5. Deploy the customized file to the production environment.