Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Troubleshooting: Index core in busy status

The WebSphere Commerce search index is built successfully, with a message that an index core is in busy status.


Building the WebSphere Commerce search index successfully results in a message that indicates an index core is in busy status. For example:

000009ef HttpClientUti I org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpClientUtil createClient Creating new http client,
000009ef DataImportPro I buildIndex
(String, String, String, String, boolean, long) Data import process completed with the index built successfully.
However, the index core MC_10001_CatalogEntry_en_US is in busy status.


This message occurs after the search index is built successfully. However, there are post-build tasks such as search index optimization that is still running. During these tasks, the search index core remains in a busy state. After the tasks complete, the index core becomes idle.

If you encounter this message, you can still perform storefront searches and search-based navigation. However, you cannot trigger any new search index builds until the index core is in an idle state. The index core might remain in a busy state longer than expected if the index build is complex. For example, if the inventory index subtype is also included in the build, since it is an extension of the product index.