Extracting the certificate from the keystore

When using strict certificate verification, the certificate needs to be extracted from the keystore before being uploaded to the Remote Control server.

About this task

To extract the certificate complete the following steps:


  1. Open a command prompt window.
  2. Go to the Remote Control installation directory.
  3. Change to the [installdir]\java\jre\bin subdirectory on a Windows™ system or the [installdir]/java/jre/bin subdirectory on a Linux™ system.
  4. Run ikeyman.sh on a Linux™ system or ikeyman.exe on a Windows™ system.
  5. Select Key Database File > Open
  6. Select PKCS12 for Key database type depending on your keystore type.
  7. Click Browse, navigate to and select the required file.
  8. Click Open then OK.
  9. Enter the password for the file and click OK.
  10. For Key database content select Personal Certificates.
  11. Select the required certificate.
  12. Click Extract Certificate.
  13. Use the default Data type Base64-encoded ASCII data.
  14. Enter a file name and location for saving the certificate file to.
  15. Click OK.


The certificate file, with extension .arm, will be extracted to the chosen location.