Manage targets and target groups

In the Remote Control system, targets are endpoints that you install the target component on. The target component identifies the computers to the BigFix® Remote Control Server to receive connection requests, and pass information to and from the server. For more information about installing the target component, see the BigFix® Remote Control Installation Guide.

The targets periodically report back to the BigFix® Remote Control Server to indicate to the server that they are still active and, in particular, when their state changes. For example, when a user logs on, when a remote control session is taking place, or when the system powers on or shuts down.

When a target is first installed and made known to the server, it is automatically assigned to the default target group and given a default set of policies. You can decide which set of policies and permissions must be assigned to the target by making it a member of any relevant target groups. Target groups are created and assigned specific permissions that are combined with user group permissions to determine what the target users can do during remote control sessions.

Note: Only a user with Administrator authority sees the Target Groups menu.