Unlocking user accounts

When a user account is locked, you can unlock the account by using the Unlock locked userid feature.

About this task

When a user logs on to the Remote Control server with an incorrect password, their user account is locked if the number of failed logon attempts exceeds the limit. The value that is assigned to the account.lockout property in the trc.properties file defines the limit. For more information about this property, see trc.properties.

To unlock the user account for one or more users, complete the following steps:


  1. Choose the appropriate method to unlock users.
    1. To unlock users by using the search utility.
      • Click Users > Search.
      • Enter the user information to be used in the search.
      • Click Submit.
      • Select the user and go to step 2.
    2. To unlock users by using the All Users report.
      • Click Users > All users.
      • Select the users.
  2. Choose the appropriate action to unlock the users.
    • Click Users > Unlock locked userid.
    • Select Unlock locked userid from the Action list on the left.


The user account for the selected users is unlocked and they are able to make another logon attempt.

If the account.lockout property is enabled in the trc.properties file, the following extra user information is also displayed on the Change details window. For more information about editing user details, see Modifying user details.
Last failed logon
Shows the date and time of the last failed logon attempt by this user.
Failed logons
Shows the number of failed logons since the last successful logon or since the user's account was unlocked by an administrator.
Account locked
Displays Yes or No depending on whether the user's account is locked because the limit of consecutive failed logons is reached. The limit is defined by the account.lockout property in the trc.properties file.