Audit log distribution

The audit log distribution feature runs a task that regularly creates a log file on the server. This file contains session information for all sessions that are established. This feature is enabled and controlled by using the following properties in the file. For more information about editing this property file, see
Set to true or false.
The log is created and written to the server.
The log is not created.
Defines the location that the log file is written to on the server. This path is created if it does not exist.
Defines the start of the log file name, which is then appended with a time stamp.

When the feature is enabled, the task is run and the file is created on the server with a name in the following format,


Where XXX is the value that is set for task.logdistribution.file.

timestamp is the time in milliseconds.

When the log is created each entry identifies the session, target and user, and a message of what action was carried out.
for example : sessionkey=8, target=TIVTEST1, user=Admin
              January 26, 2013 9:15:28 AM GMT
              Session Connection Attempt by Default Administrator 
Note: Each time the task runs it includes the log data that was created since the last task execution.