Ensure targets are registered correctly

When targets contact the server, they send configuration details that are checked against the target details in the Remote Control database. A check is done to see whether the target already contacted the server. If no match is found, a new hardware key is generated and a new target entry is created in the database. In most cases, the matching process is successful if the details supplied by the target are unique. However, in cases where targets do not have unique identifying data, or the target configuration changes, it can be more difficult to ensure the correct registration of the target. You can configure properties in the trc.properties file for multiple matching options so that a new entry is not created for existing targets, or multiple targets are not matched to the same entry.

Match on computer name only.
Match on GUID only.
Perfect or Best Match with change notifications
There is no specific property to set for perfect match, this option is used if the match.computername.only and match.guid.only properties are set to false. Best match can be enabled by using the match.allow.data.changes property. This configuration is the default configuration.