Power Management

Use Power Management to control, monitor, and manage conservation policies in your deployment.

Power Management can manage and monitor the power usage settings on the computers in your network. Power Management manages and applies the company conservation policies that you set with the use of dashboards, wizards, and web reports.

Among the features of Power Management are:
  • Tracking and reporting on computer power usage that includes measuring power usage, potential power savings, and carbon emissions
  • Provide power saving strategies using power profiles, configurable office hours and weekend time settings
  • Advanced Wake-on-LAN capabilities including Last Man Standing, Wake-on-LAN Medic, scheduled wake-up times
  • Support for PC Insomnia detection and prevention

To facilitate monitoring and control of endpoints, Power Management uses dashboards, wizards, and web reports.


The following are among the dashboards in Power Management:
  • Power Management Health Checks dashboard
  • Power Management Power Consumption Summary dashboard


You can use the following wizards in Power Management:
  • Manage Assumptions task wizard
  • Create Power Profile Fixlets wizard

Web Reports

View a high level summary data of the power usage in your deployment with Web Reports:
  • Model Power Savings Power consumption over time
  • Weekly Power Consumption Over Time
  • Power Management Daily Activity State breakdown
  • Weekly Idle Time Breakdown Over Time
  • Power Management settings
  • Wake on Web