Generate custom reports

Two types of reports can be generated in the Remote Control server. Common reports are reports that are provided with the application. The reports are aimed at generating general information that you might need on a more regular basis. You can run the reports from the menus in the BigFix® Remote Control Server UI. Custom reports are reports that you create or modify to generate information specific to your own environment.

Note: A report manager is used for controlling the output of the reports. The output from the reports is cached. Therefore, the application does not need to go back and reload the data from the database, the next time that the report is run. The cached results are displayed more quickly. There are three properties in the file that you can use to set the interval for reloading of the data from the database.
  • report.timeout.frequency
  • report.manager.frequency
  • report.manager.period
For more information about the properties, see

The Refresh link on the upper right of the screen can be used to reload the output of a report to show any changes in the data.