Reduce the volume of target connections to the server

To reduce the load on the server, you can reduce the number of heartbeats that are sent to the server from a target by using properties in the file. Use the properties to reduce the volume of unnecessary heartbeats that come from a target, to prevent multiple heartbeats in quick succession, by delaying the actual heartbeat when a heartbeat is triggered, and during the delay merging these into a single heartbeat.

An exception is made for important or urgent heartbeats, for example:
  • Reporting a new IP address
  • Reporting the start or end of a remote control session
  • Reporting status to the server requested by the user
  • Restart requested by the controller
  • Target going offline
You can control the delay by using the HeartBeatDelay property.
Table 1. HeartBeatDelay property
Name Value Default Value
HeartBeatDelay Maximum delay in minutes 20
A random factor is also applied to the delay to distribute the heartbeat volume more evenly over time. The target chooses a random delay starting from a quarter of the maximum delay time. With the default setting, the random delay ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
Note: By default, the very first contact the target makes with the server, after the installation is not delayed so that the target can be registered in the server immediately.
If you are carrying out a mass deployment of targets this might cause the server to be overloaded with registrations. To alleviate this you can use the RegistrationDelay target property to randomly delay the registration and distribute it evenly through the deployment to avoid too many machines trying to register at the one time.
Table 2. HeartBeatDelay and RegistrationDelay properties
Name Value Default Value
HeartBeatDelay Maximum delay in minutes 20
RegistrationDelay Maximum delay in minutes 0

You can use the following properties to prevent a heartbeat from being triggered for certain events.
Table 3. Heartbeat properties to control heartbeats for certain events
Name Value Default value Description
HeartBeatOnWake 1/0 0 Trigger a heartbeat when the system wakes from standby or hibernation
HeartBeatOnUserChange 1/0 1 Trigger a heartbeat when a user logs on or off
HeartBeatOnChange 1/0 0 Trigger a heartbeat when any of the values included in a heartbeat have changed
HeartBeatOnStop 1/0 0 Trigger a heartbeat when the target is stopped or the system is shutting down