Requests for temporary access to targets

Users can start a remote control session only with the targets that they have permission to access. The access is defined through their group membership and the relationships that are set up between the groups. However, a user can request temporary access to one or more targets that they do not normally have access to. When a request for temporary access is received it is known as an outstanding access request, with a status of pending. These requests are listed in the outstanding requests list in the BigFix® Remote Control Server. When you grant the request it becomes a live request, with a status of granted and is moved to the live requests list. If you refuse the request, its status changes to rejected and it is removed from the outstanding list. However, all outstanding, live, or denied requests are also displayed in the All access requests list. The requests remain there until they expire or are removed by the cleanup task that runs periodically to delete expired or no longer required requests. Email functions must be enabled in order for the notification process to take place. For more information, see Setting up email.