Modifying user details

About this task

After you create a user, you can modify the users details. To change the details, select the user from the All Users Report or by using the search utility. Use the Edit user option to make the required changes. If many users are defined in the system, you can search to find a user more quickly.

To modify a users detail, complete the following steps:


  1. Choose the appropriate method for displaying the user.
    1. To select a user by using the search utility.
      1. Click Users > Search.
      2. The Search User screen is displayed
      3. Enter the user information in the input field. For the quickest search, type the users's email address in the Search Users field. You can also type all or part of the name or any other detail that is known.
      4. Click Submit.
      5) Select the user.
    2. To select the user by using the All User report.
      • Click Users > All users
      • Select the user.
  2. Select Edit User from the Actions list on the left.
    Note: A warning message is displayed when LDAP synchronization is enabled to indicate that any changes or additions might be lost at the next synchronization.
  3. Change the relevant information
    For more information about the requirements for the Edit Details screen, see Creating user accounts. The following extra user information is also displayed if the account.lockout property in the file is enabled.
    Last failed logon
    Shows the date and time of the last failed logon attempt by this user.
    Failed logons
    Shows the number of failed logon attempts made by the user.
    Note: If this user account was previously locked due to the number of allowed failed logon attempts being exceeded, the failed logons number denotes the number of failed attempts since the account was unlocked.
    Account locked
    Displays Yes or No. If set to Yes, the users account is locked because the limit of consecutive failed logons is reached. The limit is defined by the account.lockout property in the file.
    Note: The User ID is unique and therefore cannot be changed.
  4. Click Submit


The amended user details are saved.