Requirements for connecting to content on an RSS feed

To ensure that the system can consistently retrieve content that is provided on an RSS feed the connection and the RSS must meet certain requirements.

The RSS feed must be publicly accessible. The feed must not require access credentials to open.

You must be able to provide the location of the XML file that creates the RSS feed. The RSS connection can access RSS feeds that use either the RSS or Atom format. Examine the target RSS feed carefully. Consider the type of content that the feed provides, the length of the item summaries, and how frequently that new content appears on the feed. When you configure a connection, you must specify how much content to retrieve and how much to display in a marketing message.

The content and description of the RSS feed to which you connect is maintained by the feed owner. HCL does not maintain or moderate the feeds to which you connect.

To achieve predictable results when you edit scripts for RSS connections, you should have a solid understanding of how to write and implement HTML scripts.