Embedding connections to an RSS feed in a template or snippet

Use the custom tag <UAEscript> to embed a connection to content on an RSS feed. Embed the connection by inserting the entire script that defines the connection into the HTML code of an email template or into an HTML snippet.

About this task

You can create the script in the Content Connector or in a text editor. The script editor in the Content Connector provides sample code and formatting tools to assist in creating the script.


  1. Open a text editor or the script editor provided in the Content Connector. Use any of the following methods to open the script editor.
    1. Click Edit RSS options to edit the Summary or Detailed display format.
    2. Click Preview in the Content Connector and select the RSS Display Format tab.
    3. If the Custom option is enabled, click Edit RSS options for Custom.
  2. Create the script in the editor.
    1. Declare display and retrieval variables (required)
    2. Declare personalization fields that are added to the script. (as applicable)
    3. Define a title.
    4. Define the list of items that are displayed in the message (required)
    5. Add personalization fields.
    6. Add additional RSS fields.
    For details, see the instructions for creating a custom RSS connection.
  3. Preview the connection. If you created the script in Content Connector, click Update Preview.
  4. Add the script to the email template or HTML snippet.
    Copy all of the code between the <UAEscript> tags and insert it in the HTML code of an email template or HTML snippet where you want the RSS content to display.