Configuring the RSS connection title

You can specify a title for the list of RSS items that displays in the message. Specifying a title is optional but, by providing a title, you give the message recipient a context in which to view the RSS items in the list.

About this task

In the default script, the title is added with the <h2> tag. In the <h2> tag, you can add text, an RSS field, or a combination of both. The default script is provided as an example. You can apply other HTML formatting to the title.

The script editor in the Content Connector automatically formats RSS fields that you add to the script.


In the script that defines an RSS connection., enter a title for the list of RSS items in the <h2> tag, using any of the following methods.
  • Enter text.
  • Enter an RSS field. By default, the system adds the RSS title field to take the title from the RSS feed. If you specify a field, use the value for feedName as the prefix, as follows. ${rss.title}, where rss is the value that you defined for feedName in the script declaration.
  • Enter a combination of text and an RSS field. For example: <h2>We think that you will like ${rss.title}<h2>