RSS fields supported in connections to RSS feeds

The scripts that define connections to an RSS feed support a specific set of generic RSS fields that can provide information from the RSS feed. The RSS fields available in the script editor correspond to fields in RSS and Atom formats.

Note: The script editor does not support the full list of RSS and Atom fields.

The following table lists the RSS tags that are supported in the header and list sections of the script that defines the connection.

RSS tag Format Description
Header (The value for feedName is rss)
title ${rss.title} Appears as the title for the feed, as provided by the RSS feed source.
link ${} Displays a link to the feed.
description ${rss.description} Displays the description of the feed that is provided by the feed source.
publishDate ${rss.publishDate?datetime} Displays the publication date for the feed, provided by the feed source.
Item (The loop variable is item)
title ${item.title} Displays the title of the item.
link ${} Link to the RSS item. Enter as the target of the link in the script.
content ${item.content} Displays a summary of the content that is contained in the item.
publishDate ${item.publishDate?datetime} Indicates when the item was added to the RSS feed.