Configuring the list of RSS items

Connections to content in an RSS feed use the @list tag to create the list of RSS items that displays in the message. The @list tag requires attributes to define the name of the RSS feed, the number of items that are displayed in the list, and a loop variable.

About this task

Each item in the list is displayed as a link. You can modify how the list appears by adding personalization fields and additional RSS fields.


  1. In the script that defines an RSS connection., define attributes for the @list tag, as follows.

    <@list feedName="<name>" maxRows=5;<loop variable>>

    feedName = the name of the feed. By default, the name is rss.

    maxRows = the maximum number of items that can appear in the message. The default is 5 items.

    Note: The values that you specify for feedName and maxRows must exactly match the values that you specify for these attributes in the script declaration section.

    loop variable = a value that the system uses to execute the script. By default, the loop variable is item. You can change the value, but you must also use the new value as the prefix for RSS fields that you add to the list definition.

  2. Configure how items appear in the list.

    By default, each items is configured as a link that includes RSS fields.

    <a href=${}><strong>${item.title}</strong></a><br>

    This example defines the Summary display, where each item displays the item title as a link.

  3. Add additional RSS fields and formatting to customize how the items appear. For example, include the posting date and a brief summary of the item, as provided by the RSS feed, as follows.

    <@list feedName="rss" maxRows=5; item>

    <a href=${}><strong>${item.title}</strong></a><br>



  4. Click Update Preview to see the results of your changes.
  5. Click Save as Custom to save your changes.
    In the Content Connector, the Custom option is enabled.