The Message Editor toolbar

The Message Editor provides access to various functions through a context-sensitive toolbar that is displayed across the top of the content or communication page. The appearance of the toolbar varies depending on the task you are performing.

You use the toolbar to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure the email header.
  • Preview an email or landing page.
  • View the properties for an email or landing page.
  • Add or edit field mappings for an online form.
  • Find communications that use a specified content element.
  • Publish email or landing pages.
  • Access the Rules Spreadsheet to manage personalization rules for the entire document.
Display Name or Description Function

green circle with check mark: publish progress Current® publish and save status

Yellow triangle with exclamation: publish error Publish error

Status indicator for Publish and Save

Provides most recent publication and save status for a communication.

Indicates system progress during publish and save operations.

Indicates error status and provides access to error messages.

Variation Field Name with drop-down

Variation field and values for content element variations.

Identify or change the currently enabled variation field. Lists the available variation values.

Displays only if the communication contains content elements that provide multiple content variations.

HTML pull-down menu

Content Type

(email only)

Select the type of email communication. Select either HTML or Text.

Envelope image

Configure email options

(email only)

Click to enter email header information.

Radio button and check box controls point to data grid image

Add/Edit Form Mappings

(landing pages only)

Click to review the input mappings that are contained in a landing page template that is used to create an online form.

Green circle with page and magnifying glass image


Click to preview a communication.

Rules Spreadsheet toolbar icon

Rules Spreadsheet

Opens the Rules Spreadsheet in a new window.

Window with magnifying glass image

Find communications that use this template

Opens the Communications References tab to display a list of communications that are based on the selected template.

Page with 2 columns of writing and pencil image

View Properties

Click to view the properties of a communication, content element, or saved search.

Diskette image

Save Changes

Save changes to a communication, content element, content file, or saved search.

Up arrow image


Click to publish a communication.

Diskette with plus sign image

Save Changes As

Click to save changes to a communication with a different name.