Inserting personalization fields into connections to RSS feeds

You can customize how content from an RSS feed displays to each message recipient by adding personalization fields to the script that defines the RSS connection.

About this task

When you add a personalization field to an RSS script, you must declare the field at the beginning of a script. If you use the script editor to add the personalization field, the editor adds the declaration automatically.

Insert personalization fields inside the script body of the script that defines the RSS connection. Add personalization fields to the script by specifying the field's display name in the following format.

${<display name>}

You can add OLT, BuiltIn, or Constant personalization fields to the connection. The personalization fields must be configured in the system before you add them to the RSS script. OLT personalization fields must be defined in an OLT that has been uploaded to HCL Unica.


  1. Open the script editor. Place the cursor where you want the value of the personalization field to appear in the message.
  2. Press Ctrl+space. A list of available personalization fields displays.
  3. Select a personalization field from the list.

    The personalization field is added to the script.

    The system adds the <declarePF> tag to the beginning of the script, including the declaration for the field that you added. If you insert multiple fields, the script editor adds each field display name to the declaration.

  4. Click Update Preview to see the results of your changes.
  5. Click Save as Custom to save your changes.
    In the Content Connector, the Custom option is enabled.


The following script presents an example of how you might customize RSS content with personalization fields. In this example, notice the following.

A You must declare the personalization fields that are included in the script. If you use the script editor provided in the Content Connector, the editor adds the declarations automatically.

B A personal greeting to each message recipient. A personalization field inserts information from your marketing database.

C A call to action that is specific to the message recipient. This example uses a personalization field to provide the location of a showroom closest the physical address of the recipient, based on your customer records.

Personalized RSS script