Inserting RSS fields into connections to RSS feeds

You can customize a connection to an RSS feed by adding RSS fields to the script that defines the connection. The additional fields include information that is received from the RSS feed in the RSS content that is displayed to message recipients. The RSS connection can receive information from feeds configured as either RSS or Atom content feeds.

About this task

The script editor provides a specific set of RSS fields that you can use to add additional information to what is displayed in the message.

In the script that defines the connection, the list of RSS items is defined within the @list tag. The header is defined in the script body, outside of the @list tag. The format of RSS fields in the connection header is different from the format used to add RSS fields to the list of RSS items.

If you add RSS fields with the script editor, the editor adds the fields in the required format.


  1. Open the script editor. Place the cursor where you want the value of the RSS field to appear in the message.
  2. Press Ctrl+u. A list of available RSS fields displays.
  3. Select a field from the list.
    • In the header, the value of the feedName variable is the prefix for header elements. Example: ${rss.description}
    • Inside the @list tag, the loop variable is the prefix for RSS item elements. Example: ${item.content}.

    If you add the fields manually, use the appropriate prefix.

  4. Click Update Preview to see the results of your changes.
  5. Click Save as Custom to save your changes.
    In the Content Connector, the Custom option is enabled.