HTML attributes and the appearance of images and links in communications

HTML attributes defined in a communication template control how images and links display in personalized email or landing pages. However, you can manually override the template formatting for an individual image or link within the communication.

The method that marketers are expected to use to add content to a communication often determines how the template designer defines HTML attributes in the template. Marketers can add images and links by reference with the <UAEreferenceLabel> tag or they can manually drop the content into a zone. Templates define zones wherever an HTML tag includes the id attribute. To restrict where the system creates zones, you can define the class attribute with the value droppable for selected HTML tags.

For content dropped into a zone, the template designer defines default content appearance by specifying attributes in the HTML tag that creates the zone. When you drop an image or link into the zone, the system automatically applies the zone attributes to the content that is dropped into the zone. For example, to constrain the size of images dropped into a zone to 50 pixels by 60 pixels, the template can create the zone as follows.

<img id="zone1" class="droppable" style="height:50px;width:60px"/>

For content added by reference, the template designer defines HTML attributes in the <UAEreferenceLabel>. You do not use the id attribute or droppable class because the image or link displays in the communication without creating a zone. When you preview or publish the communication, the system displays the image according to the attributes contained in the tag. For example, to constrain the size of an image that you add by reference, include the following tag in the communication template.

<UAEreferenceLabel n="example_imgLabel" style="height:50px;width:60px"/>

You can override the template formatting for content that you drop into a zone. In any zone, you can open a graphical interface to define basic and advanced attributes for images and links that are dropped in the zone. You cannot override template formatting for images added by reference. You can change the format for referenced content only by modifying attributes that are defined in the reference label.

Note: You cannot define attributes for HTML snippets that you add to a communication, either by reference or by dropping into a zone. To control the appearance and behavior of an HTML snippet, you must edit the HTML code in the snippet.