Content Library

The Content Library is a single repository for content and templates that are used in personalized email and landing pages, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. Access the library through the Content Library tab in the Message Editor. The Content Library is organized as a multi-level folder hierarchy.

You add digital assets (PDF, video, image, text, and HTML files) to the Content Library by associating each asset with a wrapper that you configure in the Content Library. Each wrapper is a separate content element that you configure in a folder as a content tab with a unique name.
Note: Video and PDF documents are applicable to WhatsApp communication only. HTML snippets are applicable to email messages only.

In the Message Editor, you create email, landing pages, and sms and WhatsApp messages by selecting content elements from the Content Library and adding them to a communication. Some content elements provide templates that define the framework of an email, landing page, or text message. Other content elements provide visible content, such as images, text, or small sections of HTML code that you add to communications as HTML snippets.

A content element can be associated with one or more digital assets. You can preview and edit attached assets in the content element tab. You can also assign extra information to a content element. For example, you can add a label that communication designers can use to add content by including a reference to the label.

Security policies that are applied at the folder level determine the tasks that you can perform on content elements in each folder. For more information about security policies and folder permissions, see the Unica Deliver Startup and Administration Guide.