Adding content from an RSS feed to a zone

The Content Connector includes settings to add and configure a connection to content available on RSS feeds. Add the connector into a zone that is located where you want the contents of the feed to appear.

About this task

Note: Adding a connection to an RSS feed is not available for content connections in landing pages or in email messages configured to run as an A/B test.


  1. In an email communication, drag the Content Connector widget into the zone or right-click the zone and select Content Connector.
    The New Content Connection window opens.
  2. In the Content Source section, select RSS feed.
    The RSS feed field and RSS display and retrieval options are enabled. Options not related to RSS connections are disabled.
  3. In the RSS feed field, enter the location of the XML file that defines the RSS feed.
  4. Select an RSS display format from the list of display options.

    Summary: Includes only the title of each RSS item. Each item appears as a link.

    Detailed: For each item, includes the title (as a link), the date and time when the item was added to the feed, and a brief summary of the content.

    Custom: Enabled when you edit a Summary or Detailed connection.

  5. Optionally, change how the system retrieves items from the RSS feed and how it displays them in an email. Click RSS retrieve and display options RSS retrieve and display options. In the RSS Retrieve and Display Options window, configure the following options.
    • What to retrieve from the RSS feed. You can control how many items the connection retrieves from the RSS feed.
    • Optionally, indicate if you do not want to send the message unless a minimum number of items have been added to the RSS feed.
    • Specify the maximum number of RSS items to display the email message. By default, the system displays a maximum of 5 items.
  6. Click the Preview tab to see how the RSS items appear when the message is transmitted. The preview includes up to the maximum number of RSS items that is specified in the maxRows setting for the connection. The RSS Display Format tab displays the script that defines the connection.
  7. To save all changes for the RSS connection, click OK in the Content Connection window.