Declaring personalization fields in connections to RSS feeds

If you include personalization fields in a connection to an RSS feed, you must declare the personalization fields in the beginning of the script. Use the <declarePF> tag to list the personalization fields that are used in the script.

About this task

The <declarePF> tag takes personalization field display names as attributes. If you use multiple personalization fields in the script, include the display name of each field.

When you use controls in the script editor to add a personalization field, the system automatically adds the <declarePF> tag in the declaration section of the script. If you create the script in a text editor, you must add the personalization field declaration manually.


  1. Open the script editor. Click RSS Edit options to edit the Summary or Detailed display format. You can also click Preview in the Content Connector and select the RSS Display Format tab.
  2. Add the <declarePF> tag to the RSS script before the <scriptBody> tag. Use either of the following methods.
    • Insert a personalization field in the script. Place the cursor within the script body and press Ctrl+space. Select a field from the list that displays. The system automatically adds the <declarePF> tag in the declaration section of the script.
    • Enter the tag manually, with the following syntax: <declarePF names= "<display name>"

    Declare multiple personalization fields as a comma-separated list of display names, within a single pair of quotation marks, as follows.

    <declarePF names= "<display name>, <display name2>, display name3>,..."/>

    Do not place quotation marks around each display name.