Information Schema

The Information Schema consists of read-only views that provide information about all the tables, views, and columns in the current database server to which you have access. These views also provide information about SQL dialects (such as HCL OneDB™, Oracle, or Sybase) and SQL standards. Note that unlike a system catalog, whose tables describes an individual database, these views describe the HCL OneDB instance, rather than a single database.

This version of the Information Schema views is an X/Open CAE standard. These standards are provided so that applications developed on other database systems can obtain HCL OneDB system catalog information without accessing the HCL OneDB system catalog tables directly.
Important: Because the X/Open CAE standard for Information Schema views differs from ANSI-compliant Information Schema views, it is recommended that you do not install the X/Open CAE Information Schema views on ANSI-compliant databases.
The following Information Schema views are available:
  • tables
  • columns
  • sql_languages
  • server_info

Sections that follow contain information about how to generate and access Information Schema views and information about their structure.