The sysattrtypes system catalog table contains information about members of a complex data type. Each row of sysattrtypes contains information about elements of a collection data type or fields of a row data type.

The sysattrtypes table has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSATTRTYPES table column descriptions
Column Type Explanation
extended_id INTEGER Identifying code of an extended data type

Value is the same as in the sysxtdtypes table (SYSXTDTYPES).

seqno SMALLINT Identifying code of an entry having extended_id type
levelno SMALLINT Position of member in collection hierarchy
parent_no SMALLINT Value in the seqno column of the complex data type that contains this member
fieldname VARCHAR(128) Name of the field in a row type

Null for other complex data types

fieldno SMALLINT Field number sequentially assigned by system (from left to right within each row type)
type SMALLINT Code for the data type

See the description of syscolumns.coltype (page SYSCOLUMNS).

length SMALLINT Length (in bytes) of the member
xtd_type_id INTEGER Code identifying this data type

See the description of sysxtdtypes.extended_id (SYSXTDTYPES).

Two indexes on the extended_id column and the xtd_type_id column allow duplicate values. A composite index on the extended_id and seqno columns allows only unique values.