The syssecpolicies system catalog table records security policies It has these columns.
Column Type Explanation
secpolicyname VARCHAR(128) Security policy name
secpolicyid SERIAL Security policy ID
numcomps SMALLINT Number of security label components in the security policy
comptypelist CHAR(16) An ordered list of the type of each component in the policy.
  • A = array
  • S = set
  • T = tree
  • – = Beyond NUMCOMPS
overrideseclabel CHAR(1) Indicates the behavior when a user's security label and exemption credentials do not allow them to insert or update a data row with the security that is label provided on the INSERT or UPDATE SQL statement.
  • Y: The security label provided is ignored and replaced by the user's security label for write access.
  • N: Return an error when not authorized to write a security label.