The systraceclasses system catalog table contains the names and identifiers of trace classes. The systraceclasses table has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSTRACECLASSES table column descriptions
Column Type Explanation
name CHAR(18) Name of the class of trace messages
classid SERIAL Identifying code of the trace class

A trace class is a category of trace messages that you can use in the development and testing of new DataBlade® modules and user-defined routines. Developers use the tracing facility by calling the appropriate DataBlade API routines within their code.

To create a new trace class, insert a row directly into the systraceclasses table. By default, all users can view this table, but only users with the DBA privilege can modify it.

The database cannot support tracing unless the MITRACE_OFF configuration parameter is undefined.

A unique index on the name column requires each trace class to have a unique name. The database server assigns to each class a unique sequential code. The index on this classid column also allows only unique values.