The sysblobs system catalog table specifies the storage location of BYTE and TEXT column values. Its name is based on a legacy term for BYTE and TEXT columns, blobs (also known as simple large objects), and does not refer to the BLOB data type of HCL OneDB™. The sysblobs table contains one row for each BYTE or TEXT column, and has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSBLOBS table column descriptions
Column Type Explanation
spacename VARCHAR(128) Name of partition, dbspace, or family
type CHAR(1) Code identifying the type of storage media: M = MagneticCode identifying the type of storage media: M = Magnetic O = Optical
tabid INTEGER Code identifying the table
colno SMALLINT Column number within its table

A composite index on tabid and colno allows only unique values.

For information about the location and size of chunks of blobspaces, dbspaces, and sbspaces for TEXT, BYTE, BLOB, and CLOB columns, see the HCL OneDB Administrator's Guide and the HCL OneDB Administrator's Reference.