The syscolauth system catalog table describes each set of discretionary access privileges granted on a column. It contains one row for each set of column-level privileges that are currently granted to a user, to a role, or to the PUBLIC group on a column in the database. The syscolauth table has the following columns.
Column TypeExplanation
grantor VARCHAR(32)Authorization identifier of the grantor
grantee VARCHAR(32)Authorization identifier of the grantee
tabidINTEGER Code uniquely identifying the table
colnoSMALLINT Column number within the table
colauthCHAR(3) 3-byte pattern specifying column privileges: s or S = Select, u or U = Update, r or R = References

If the colauth privilege code is uppercase (for example, S for Select), a user who has this privilege can also grant it to others. If the colauth privilege code is lowercase (for example, s for Select), the user who has this privilege cannot grant it to others. A hyphen ( - ) indicates the absence of the privilege corresponding to that position within the colauth pattern.

A composite index on the tabid, grantor, grantee, and colno columns allows only unique values. A composite index on the tabid and grantee columns allows duplicate values.