The systriggers system catalog table contains information about the SQL triggers in the database. This information includes the triggering event and the correlated reference specification for the trigger. The systriggers table has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSTRIGGERS table column descriptions
Column Type Explanation
trigid SERIAL Identifying code of the trigger
trigname VARCHAR(128) Name of the trigger
owner VARCHAR(32) Name of the owner of the trigger
tabid INTEGER Identifying code of the triggering table
event CHAR(1) Code for the type of triggering event:
  • D = Delete trigger
  • I = Insert trigger
  • U = Update trigger
  • S = Select trigger
  • d = INSTEAD OF Delete trigger
  • i = INSTEAD OF Insert trigger
  • u = INSTEAD OF Update trigger
old VARCHAR(128) Name of value before update
new VARCHAR(128) Name of value after update
mode CHAR(1) Reserved for future use
collation CHAR(32) Collating order at the time when the routine was created

A composite index on the trigname and owner columns allows only unique values. An index on the trigid column also requires unique values. An index on the tabid column allows duplicate values.