The syserrors system catalog table stores information about error, warning, and informational messages returned by DataBlade® modules and user-defined routines using the mi_db_error_raise( ) DataBlade API function.

For a description of an error message, use the finderr utility.

The syserrors table has the following columns.
Column Type Explanation
sqlstate CHAR(5) SQLSTATE value associated with the error.
locale CHAR(36) The locale with which this version of the message is associated (for example, en_us.8859-1)
level SMALLINT Reserved for future use
seqno SMALLINT Reserved for future use
message VARCHAR(255) Message text

To create a new message, insert a row directly into the syserrors table. By default, all users can view this table, but only users with the DBA privilege can modify it.

A composite index on the sqlstate, locale, level, and seqno columns allows only unique values.