The sysxtdtypeauth system catalog table identifies the privileges on each UDT (user-defined data type).

The sysxtdtypeauth table contains one row for each set of privileges granted and has the following columns:
Column Type Explanation
grantor VARCHAR(32) Name of grantor of privilege
grantee VARCHAR(32) Name of grantee of privilege
type INTEGER Code identifying the UDT
auth CHAR(2) Code identifying privileges on the UDT:
  • n or N = Under privilege
  • u or U = Usage privilege

If the privilege code in the auth column is upper case (for example, 'U' for usage), a user who has this privilege can also grant it to others. If the code is in lower case, a user who has the privilege cannot grant it to others.

A composite index on type, grantor, and grantee allows only unique values. A composite index on the type and grantee columns allows duplicate values.