The sysusers system catalog table lists the authorization identifier of every individual user, or public for the PUBLIC group, who holds database-level access privileges. This table also lists the name of every role that holds access privileges on any object in the database.

This system catalog table has the following columns:
Table 1. SYSUSERS table column descriptions

Column Type Explanation
username VARCHAR(32) Name of the database user or role.

An index on username allows only unique values. The username value can be the login name of a user or the name of a role.

usertype CHAR(1) Code specifying the highest database-level privilege held by username, where username is an individual user or the PUBLIC group, or a role name. The valid codes are:
  • D = DBA (all privileges)
  • R = Resource (create UDRs, UDTs, permanent tables, and indexes)
  • C = Connect (work with existing tables)
  • G = Role
  • U = Default role. When a user is assigned a default role, an implicit connection to the database is granted to the user. This is the role the user has before being granted a C, D, or R role.
priority SMALLINT Reserved for future use.
password CHAR(16) Reserved for future use.
defrole VARCHAR(32) Name of the default role.