The systabamdata system catalog table stores the table-specific hashing parameters of tables that were created with a primary access method.

The systabamdata table has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSTABAMDATA table column descriptions

Column Type Explanation
tabid INTEGER Identifying code of the table
am_param LVARCHAR(8192) Access method parameter choices
am_space VARCHAR(128) Name of the storage space holding the data values

The am_param column stores configuration parameters that determine how a primary access method accesses a given table. Each configuration parameter in the am_param list has the format keyword=value or keyword.

The am_space column specifies the location of the table. It might be located in a cooked file, a different database, or an sbspace within the database server.

The tabid column is the primary key to the systables table. This column is indexed and must contain unique values.